This is me, Richard . In real life I have fewer squiggles.

Weird. But good weird. Probably.
Who am I/What is divzi media all about/(iS tHaT eVeN yOuR nAme?!)
It's really hard to write about these things without sounding pretentious, and it would be way too easy to lead with a "traditional artist statement" (don't worry -- if you scroll down you'll find it under the video) but there are a few important things to know I guess:
Photography isn’t a career path I took because I had no other options. This is a career path I took in spite of other options out of love and an obsessive need to make things better than I initially found them.
It was a very intentional choice and not an "oh I need to find something to do to pay bills" (for those of you who don't know, this is a VERY expensive industry so please remember that when you receive a quote for photo services) nor was it an "oh I want to be famous" (gross!) or a "this will make people think I'm important" (because, who cares?!)
I was not raised by the creative wolves of the concrete jungle or whatever else it says in every other creative origin story you read on pages like this. I am not the spiritual successor to the other Richard, the one every photographer (rightfully) worships. I did not pick up a camera at age 2 and shoot my first cover at 5, though I did win a photo competition in high school thanks to a picture of an alley, probably the most boring photo I think I've ever taken in my photo career (life is weird!)
I'm not here to impress you with things I've done because I don't believe in taking myself seriously. The world can be a very serious place and who has time for that on a site like this? I try to focus on forging real connections with clients that hopefully will translate into a vulnerable capture, a sliver of truth that comes through in photos.
Often I commit the unforgivable sin of New Yorkers : being earnest (truth be told I'm actually ok with that and maybe the world would be a better place if we could all be a little more real?) I'm just trying to be me. And make things that feel like me. And find like-minded people who feel like it also reflects them. Hopefully, that's you. Every day is trying to grow creatively and make work that feels good. A lot of times it's not there yet. But clients seem to like it. When a client says, "oh that's good" my response is usually, "meh. it's ok. but I'm glad you like it."
I admit that I do know some things. I've shot a wide variety of work and I bring a lot of expertise to the table. Sports. Interiors. Weddings. Conferences. Headshots. Lifestyle. Company Profiles. Portraits. Editorials. So I combine all of that knowledge and experience in my mental creative library and draw on it to make the work you need.
And while capitalism is a thing, you as a client aren't just a paycheck. Client relationships are about providing an opportunity to collaborate and make something special and meaningful that taps into what it means to be human -- have feelings. We don't let ourselves do that enough. Emotions can be contagious and should be given time and space to grow.
Below is a little video so you can meet me. And the pretentious artist statement I mentioned above. But just because it's pretentious doesn't mean it's not true. It's just earnest. Not to be confused with sentimental.
very serious (but true) artist statement below
I've always been seduced by photography that made me feel something -- sometimes it was a sports photo printed on a poster, other times it was a fashion ad campaign in a magazine. That feeling of awe has been seared into my brain and has pushed me to dedicate myself to my photography in such a way that you would feel the same when you see my photos. But that's what every photographer says, right? The real question you have is why should you choose me over someone else?

Because I believe 
Beautiful is not a dirty word.
My life's goal is to create beautiful images that reveal some truth. Sometimes that truth is for you, sometimes it's for your client, but regardless of who the real consumer is it's my job to facilitate that creation. I accomplish that through my vision, open communication and by keeping my word. I have incredibly high standards. I push to be creative, regardless of whether I'm photographing portraits, lifestyle or weddings. I believe in telling a visual story that matters. I refuse to take myself too seriously. I email you when anything changes and deliver the product you need before the deadline. I'm human, focused on the job but wanting you to feel like you're working with an old friend. I care very deeply about the work. And I would love to work with you.
 Let's make something together?

_are you the founder/president/ceo/owner/fill in trendy organizational chart title here?
sure, but titles are dumb. I'm me -- someone trying to make meaningful work. with you. and by myself. but I find it's usually better when at least two people are involved.

_how can i get the best work?
trust. the best work comes when you trust me to do what i do best: get creative and tell the story in a way that feels right. The fewer restrictions, the better it’s going to be. I'm a team player, but the best work comes when given freedom to chase ideas and experiment. not everything we try will land, but something will among all the options you're presented.

_how are you different?
I'm very unassuming but lead strongly by my principals that

beauty is not something to be ashamed of
too perfect and too polished is boring and everything needs a little character
quality matters
collaboration is the key

_who are my clients?
individuals or brands who need a story told through photos that have a little character and don't feel so sanitized. feeling a little weird? that's where things start to get interesting.

_what are your client relationships like?
relationships are just as important as the deliverables. that doesn't mean we're always going to agree, but I care about doing right by my clients, being communicative, setting clear expectations about the work, and running the project as a collaboration as much as possible.
in terms of the work, quality matters. work is handled by me or by people I know and trust, not outsourced to random strangers just because it's cheaper. I do not believe in cutting corners. good work takes time and costs money and I'm committed to delivering.

_what does your name mean?
what does anything mean?
But music lovers will be happy to know it's a portmanteau of two band names, one Mancunian, one from The District. Plus, it's "unique" for google purposes.

_what "c word" best describes you?
C words are my favorite words. Creative. Collaborative. Communicative. Customized. Consumer-Centric.

_what is your idea of perfect happiness?
I think that wraps this all up. The moral of this story is, yes, if all these things resonate with you, then we should probably work together. Let's find a way to make that happen.
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