I've always been seduced by photography that made me feel something -- sometimes it was a sports photo printed on a poster, other times it was a fashion ad campaign in a magazine. To be honest, I don't remember every photo that made me feel this way, but I can never forget what it feels like. That feeling of awe has been seared into my brain and has pushed me to dedicate myself to my photography in such a way that you would feel the same when you see my photos. But that's what every photographer says, right? The real question you have is why should you choose me over someone else?

Because I believe 
Beautiful is not a dirty word.
My life's goal is to create beautiful images that reveal some truth. Sometimes that truth is for you, sometimes it's for your client, but regardless of who the real consumer is it's my job to facilitate that creation. I accomplish that through my vision, open communication and by keeping my word. I have incredibly high standards. I push to be creative, regardless of whether I'm photographing portraits, lifestyle or weddings. I believe in telling a visual story that matters. I refuse to take myself too seriously. I email you when anything changes and deliver the product you need before the deadline. I'm human, focused on the job but wanting you to feel like you're working with an old friend. I care very deeply about the work. And I would love to work with you.
 Let's make something together?
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